Newbie: installed opensuse over ubuntu 8.10 using same /home

i have just installed opensuse over my 8.10 ubuntu 64bit but im using my old home. the thing is,previously i have modified my ubuntu with the mac4lin conversion packages to make ubuntu look like mac osx. now since im still using the old /home my settings are set with the one on my old /home with the same themes, etc and its kind of buggy…

how do i reset everything to default opensuse while keeping my personal files and folder in my /home? any options other than backing up data and reformat /home?

You could create a new user, and then move you files from the old to the new. Or is there, like there is in kde a hidden user folder .gnome or is it .gnome2?
Rename it to .gnome2_old
But you must logout to CLI and do:

mv /home/username*/.gnome2 .gnome2_old