newbie, hopefully: about chksums?

I have now downloaded openSUSE 11.1 KDE .iso. I don’t want to chance a defective download, however, so amy deferring trying to boot with it
. I have downloaded MD5SEED.EXE to my new VISTA_32 OEM system, but don’t know how to use it to check the integrity of that .iso file. Unzipped, and moved to /programs/md5seed, it was not on the Windows Start bar. It XEQ’s OK by double-click, opening what I think is called a konsole, with blinking underline as cue for entries. However, I have not found the entry to produce a chksum, or to get any response at all from it.

Obviously, there is something more I need to know, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Somebody have a reference for me on this? Or a different route to travel?

MD5SUM.exe usage - Google-Suche

i know nothing about how to do it on anything other than Linux, but it
is covered here (which i think was written by someone who uses
Redmond’s stuff):

if you are new to Linux and have not read that then you should–before
you go further…probably the whole thing (even though the question
you ask here is covered in the second posting of the thread)…

and, if you have not yet you might have a look at: the step by step
DVD install guide at
or this for a Live CD:

and, then, after you have it installed be sure and read before you start trying to add
software like winders does…