Newbie: Compro T750 in 11.1 detected but not working

Hey guys, I’m a bit of a newb here so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I have a pci Compro Videomate T750F which I’ve installed and gone to the TV component of YaST to try and configure. YaST detects it straight away but asserts that there are no tuners available for it.

Now my Google-Fu tells me that I have to specify the card type and tuner type for the Phillips chipset that it has (it’s a saa7134 to my understanding), so I go into the Expert Settings for the card and set card = 139 and tuner = 63 based off what I can see in dmesg and the results of the CARDLIST.tuner and CARDLIST.saa7134

I save these expert settings and go back in but it still won’t detect a tuner when I go to select one.

If I open kdetv to open tv, I get a picture from my webcam (I was thinking “OH! I’m on TV!” to begin with, then I realised I’m an idiot) and I can see where I would select the TV card from if it were available, but until I figure out how to instruct it what its tuner is I think I’m stuck.

So far I’ve

  • Depmod -a everything in sight
  • read the v4l stuff about it, which seem to suggest it’s supported
  • searched repos for any v4l stuff I don’t have installed, including installing the 32bit stuff because sometimes my system whines if there are only 64bit stuff available

Anyone have any ideas?