Newbie...Asus X50GL help

Hi guys,
I have this notebook(Asus X50GL) and really want to install some linux distro on it. I keep running into all sorts of troubles though. The laptop won’t power off, Fn keys don’t work, wi-fi and bluetooth leds are always on, graphics card isn’t recognised. However, Asus release this free simple OS called ExpressGate which is linux-based and the laptop works perfectly with it. On the Asus download page there’s the source code of ExpressGate which can be downloaded freely by anyone. I wonder if SUSE 11.1 can be compiled with some of this code so that it will work fine with my notebook. But my knowledge of linux compiling and editing is non-existent, I’m not even sure if anything like that can be done. So I would really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this subject, or, even better, integrate what’s missing from the SUSE source so that I can use it on my laptop - kernels and stuff, it’s like a mist to me :frowning:
Thanks a lot, hope you’d understand