newbie 11.3 install questions

Hi, Got an old SUSE box from a friend, installed 11.3, got a few items:

  1. didn’t see any prompts to enter monitor info during install, control center shows as generic. Read about ‘sax2’ (hope that’s right) but can’t find it on my system or in the add-ons image. Do I need to hack monitor.conf? how?
  2. installation aborted when trying to load ‘textlive’.
  3. going into control center->mouse, the display quivers a little then I get kicked back out to the login prompt.
  4. how to get kaffeine to process flv files?
  5. how to get a flash drive to automount when I plug it in? I can manually mount ok.
    I guess that’s about all for now.

Hi wbugar, welcome here.

  1. Nope, on 11.3 sax2 is deprecated. Autodetection & -configuration. Something wrong?
  2. ?? What do you mean ?
  3. That may be a video driver issue. What’s the card?
  4. You need to follow the intructions Restricted formats/11.3 - openSUSE Community Wiki
  5. Which desktop do you use?
    I guess that’s all for now :slight_smile:
  1. yes, I can’t set up my monitor to it’s full potential, it’s an old one (Optiquest V95), doesn’t talk ‘EDID’ (as I understand it), so the auto stuff (HAL?) doesn’t work, where can I get this ‘sax2’? I thought linux was supposed to be friendly to old stuff? I get screen flashes, nautilus crashes, logouts, no response to mouse/keyboard - I think X is confused. I’m hacking xorg.conf.
  2. i mean what i said, got abort while install was installing package textlive. I then did install again, unselecting the publishing stuff ( i forget the exact name) and then install finished fine. also, I tried rpm -i on some of the stuff in the addon image and got error msgs that they are not rpms. does anybody test this stuff? :slight_smile:
  3. see item 1
  4. be nice to have an rpm with all the libraries and stuff, I don’t have internet connection. just a suggestion.
  5. I was using kde, but it just freezes up, gnome seems to work better.
    thx for the reply!