Newbee cant get FreeNX with Nomachine client to work

Linux is new territory for me, and learning every day.
after learning the basics, one of my first big challenges it to establish a remote connection so I can contact my server from work.

I have been spending hours and hours trying to find a “Remote installation for Dummies” …kind of step-by-step approach. But after several evenings googling and reading, I decided to ask some help.

This is how far I got:
I have installed FeeNX on my server and after sudo nxserver – status I get a reply like this:
NX> 100 NXSERVER - Version 2.1.0-72 OS (GPL. using backend: 3.4.0)
NX> 110 NX Server is running
NX> 999 Bye

so to me that looks like the server process is running.

I also installed the windows Nomachine on my laptop and hooked it all up in my local network (so no routers whatsoever)

I disabled the firewalls on both my laptop and my server…just in case.

configured the client for port 22 and the fixed IP address of my server.

even imported the key in the client

long story short: I only get that annoying little error window from Nomachine saying: “Cannot initialize the display service”

any help is appreciated, again I am not an advanced Linus admin…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know much about FreeNX but maybe You need to install X server on windows ? Xming is very nice and easy to install. Other than that You have to look in the server logs. They should be somewhere in /var/log.

Another thing You might try is TeamViewer instead of FreeNX.

Best regards,