New user's home folder readable by others after creation

Hi, sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this, I wasn’t really sure how to look this question up and if it’s an OpenSUSE specific issue or something I did incorrectly when creating the new user (I believe I did it from command line)

I created a second user on my Tumbleweed install to use for work, and I was surprised to see that this new user’s home folder and all of its contents are readable by the first user.

Did I do something wrong when creating the new user? Or is this the default for new users? How would I make the contents of /home/work only readable for root+work users?

Thank you for reading!

You did nothing wrong, that’s the default on openSUSE.

You may change the permissions on any home directory:

sudo chmod 700 /home/work

You can be logged in as your regular user to run and verify it worked.

Works great, thank you! I didn’t realize the group+owner permissions were separate :slight_smile:

You could of course also have put that new user in a differnt group. The group users is of course only a default created by the installation to make things easy for the noob installer.

And yes, understanding the whole user/group/world and read/write/execute concept of Unix/Linux is very basic and very important. Without that understanding, you will stumble into many confusing, and from the security point of view even dangerous, situaltions. So better readup on this. :slight_smile: