New user with question about my hard disk space

I have an 80 GB hard drive. OpenSuse shows under “file systems” two ext with directories / and /home. Together their is a total of 50 GB plus a 1GB swap. I’m wonder what happened to the rest of my 30 GB.


A little information:

I got a new computer with a brand new hard drive. Decided to try out linux. So i installed Fedora. Fedora was problematic. I could see my mouse on the screen and the resolution could not be changed. So that is when i choose to try OpenSuse (gnome).

During the installation (i did the whole disk, to remove Fedora) it said failed mount sda1 swap. But the installation continued. I restarted my PC and OpenSuse loads up no problems. Everything is running great.

Under the expert partitioner (screenshot provided above) it shows sda1 as a linux swap in FAT FS type and sda2 as a linux native with no FS type. I am thinking these are the problem and should remove them.


Highlight sda1 and click to edit it. Set to format as “swap” and if the mount point is not “swap” then also change the mount point to swap.

The rest of your drive space is sitting there unused. It’s available when you want to bring it on line. Do you want to use it now or just leave it for the time being?

To continue what swerdna said, you have formatted sda2, but not given it a mount point. So, like swerdna said, it is sitting there waiting to be used. If you want to use it, select it and edit and give it a mount point, something like /local or whatever you want.

If I already have a swap partition should I need another?

I want to use it. I could use this space to store documents and photos. Could i combine sda1 & sda2 ?


You are correct. I missed the fact that you have two partitions mounted at the swap location. Sda1 needs to be adjusted so it is no longer interfering with the real swap partition (sda5). So highlight sda1 and “Edit” it and change the mount point from swap to something that suits you, perhaps /mnt/FAT, or /mnt/sda2, or /happy/families, whatever you like – Yast will create the directories to make it happen.

I want to use it. I could use this space to store documents and photos.

While you’re in Yast’s partitioner fixing swap, at same time highlight and “Edit” sda2 and give it a mount point that suits you, e.g. /mnt/sda2 or /home/your_username/storage (or whatever).

Could i combine sda1 & sda2 ?


Yes you can but it takes expert and delicate steps. It’s tricky, tricky, for a new user. We could do a complex dance and get it done but there would be a risk you could make the drive useless with just one slip up and need a complete reinstall. So perhaps first fix what we’ve discussed so far and then consider whether you want to proceed then to combine the two partitions sda1 and sda2.