New User Tips for a Better Experience

Hey friends,

I just made the switch to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed after using Debian 12 for a while now. I wanted to transition to a rolling distro and heard nothing but good things, so alas I am here. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to provide any configuration tips in order to get a better experience as a newcomer. I’ll briefly describe my experience so far as to maybe help tailor what I’m looking for:

  1. Initial install was good, used BTRFS, however made the grave mistake of attempting Wayland + KDE Plasma 6 + Nvidia RTX 3060. Yeah that was impossible, I was moving 1 pixel per every 5 seconds. Is X11 my only option right now? Or is there a workaround? (everything is working fine on x11).

  2. Currently running a dual 4k monitor setup. It’s working fine, but not great. The desktop environment is very laggy when trying to manipulate windows. Also not entirely sure if GSYNC is implementable with a 2 monitor setup on X11 currently. Anything I can do to make my experience on X11 better?

  3. Had an issue with protonvpn and NetworkManager but tbh is prob a proton problem. tldr it was continuously connecting if i typed in my password too slow when prompted to allow changes as root (which is really annoying btw, maybe i can turn that off?)

Minus the performance issues though, I have definitely enjoyed the transition to Plasma 6 and I’m sure it will continue to get better as time goes on. If I’m missing anything that could help provide a better experience feel free to let me know. Definitetey looking forward to driving OpenSUSE for a while!

  1. I am also using Wayland +KDE Plasma 6 + NVIDIA RTX 3060, without too much problem. Have you installed NVIDIA proprietary driver? Please follow this wiki page to install the nesessary driver.
  2. Probably will be solved after installing the driver. I am using a 1080P + 2K dual screen setup on Wayland without problem.

So during the initial setup, I was trying my hardest to but it was basically physically impossible because the system was functioning so slow that I couldn’t even use the terminal. So since I’ve switched the X11 I installed the driver. If I switch back to Wayland via the login screen will it keep my driver install? If so I’m definitely down to try again haha

I think the answer is yes. The driver installation will not be affected by the session type. However, if Wayland is annoying to you, please feel free to use what suits you best. openSUSE currently has no plan to drop X11, if I recall it right.

So I just switched over to Wayland and can confirm it is indeed usable now. In fact it fixed all of my problems with Window latency in X11. Everything is insanely fast and responsive now. I had some initial issues with screen flickering and input problems specifically on Brave, but set the flag to Wayland and that seems to have completely fixed it for this application. Hopefully a lot of these bugs will be ironed out but yeah I think Wayland will be my home. Tons of thanks for the advice!

Yeah, a lot of applications support Wayland but still defaults to XWayland, it’s mildly annoying. Most Electron based apps can be told to use Wayland proper by command line parameters and for Flatpaks enabling the Wayland socket through KDE Settings or Flatseal.

I am looking forward to the support of explicit sync getting merged into KWin and XWayland and NVIDIA drivers, which could probably eliminate many existing problems like window flickering. This blog post by KDE developer Xaver Hugl is worth reading.

And very glad to hear that problem got solved. Wish you a happy journey with openSUSE, just like I did! :wink: