New user: ran into problem!

Hi everyone, I am starting to learn linux myself and am very excited to try and move away from MS windows. I have chose the DVD image. I read the first sticky about what to do you prepare for installation and have done all of it. I am putting opensuse 11.1 on its own 13gb hdd. I formatted it. I used the md5 to check the file and it showed a green circle which indicated everything was good So I went ahead and installed. When I was installing I got this error: What should I do?

Have you tried doing what the message says, i.e. boot up windows and check the NTFS partition to clear the error?

When you say it’s own drive is this a drive or just a partition?
As the installer was trying to shrink a partition as shown in the photo you supplied.
Can you post your hard drive setup would make helping a lot easier.

Also before installing it’s always a good idea to defrag your windows drives/partitions.

PS welcome to the forum

Yes, it is running 1 drive without anything else on it, no partitions. It is a 1999 WD 13GB hdd with 2 jumpers set to master.

thank you

So you are not trying to create a dual-boot machine but you happen to be using a drive that used to have Windows on it?

Yes. no dual boot. The drive used to have windows on it but LONG ago. I used it for storage after it was once running windows.

Wouldn’t it be possible to clear the journal when trying the system rescue option from the DVD installer? I remember from the stupid ages (when i was using Windows;)) that ntfs-3g has an option to clear the journal in order to force the mount?

Ok, then override the automatic partition suggestion and go into manual mode and say use whole disk.

Another way is to clear the partition table using any means (rescue CD, OpenSUSE. etc), then OpenSUSE won’t assume you have anything on the disk you want to keep.

alright. I am doing that now. So far working!

Excellent. Have a lot of fun.

I ran into this message saying wrong digest from YaST2. I did a quick search and it may be from the burning process since my md5 checked out all right.

It may have become corrupt on the disk when copied from the DVD (since the md5 was alright). It’s quite an old disk, i’d check it for bad sectors.
I wouldn’t use it and install it later (if You need it at all anyway)

Probably your DVD or DVD drive (if the drive is as old as the disk). Those optical drives are quite prone to failure. Did you run the self-check on the DVD?

Yea, I probabaly wont need it but will most likely touch up on it and learn about it. I wont install it right now.


The DVD drive is newer, 2006 or so. I made another burn on a DVD, slower with Alcohol 120% since i couldnt find out where to change the speed in Nero. Is the dvd self checker part of the Opensuse file? I did the “check kernals” or something like that.

Best thing would be to confirm that You really have the DVD burned correctly using the built in tool in the DVD (check media or something when booting). If that confirms it’s ok then i would say the disk has some bad sectors or the memory corrupts it.

Is it the check installation media in the Opensuse part?

Yes. When starting installation media press escape and somewhere there is an option to check the media (don’t be afraid of the colors;)), after that just choose start installation (or installing), media source DVD and it will come back to normal look. For now i would install normally, if there are some more bad sectors then they will show. Just install without them and then install back if You really want them. Well after completing the installation there is no real benefit in checking the DVD as it should be checked before the installation :slight_smile:

Well I checked the DVD and it found a bad sector. It says Error Reading Sector xxxxxxx. This CD-ROM is broken. Anything I should do? Check the new dvd and if there is nothing wrong with it, reinstall with that one?

I also ran into a sector problem on the new disc.

How did You download the image? Could You also check the image ? Best idea would be to use some torrent client and overwrite the file being downloaded with the one You downloaded. It should find holes in the image and fix it.