New user...How does this software work!

Im a new user to this website so very confused how this all works. I wanted to download some software, but afraid to since some software may not be recommended. Ive clicked on a few links for a few downloads, but then a bubble pops up saying that this software was not reviewed by the website. How do i know what software is recommended? Thanks

Can’t answer since you don’t say what you are talking about.

So what software and where did you get this “bubble”

Most softwae for openSUSE is available by using the yast program that you should find in your menu. Assuming you have some form of openSUSE installed.

Without knowing what software you want no further comment can be made. My crystal ball is out of service.

So for any openSUSE help request, you must tell us what openSUSE version and desktop you have installed. For openSUSE Documentation, you can start at the top for our present version at 12.3: - Documentation Guides & Manuals

Once you have installed openSUSE, you normally use YaST to install added applications, but you get all of the basics installed by default.

Thank You for using openSUSE,

Software in openSUSE is kept on file servers connected to the internet. These file servers are typically called ‘repositories’. Often a single software package one installs, will require other software packages to work, and this is handled by a software package manager. In openSUSE the application YaST has a Software Manager inside. There is also the command line application ‘zypper’.

Please read more about this here: Concepts package management - openSUSE