new user - hey!

hey all,

i’ve been toying with linux over the last week; ubuntu, xubuntu, FC13 etc and come to the conclusion that linux wasnt for me (again!). however, untill now i’ve never really considered SUSE.
last night i thought i’d grab the iso and give it a whirl. I’m pretty impressed to be honest. running 11.2 x64.

aside from being used to a completely different linux menu system, i do like the visuals on SUSE; ‘computer’ menu structure feels like vista/w7, see-through windows as you move them around etc. and im sure it feels slicker and more polished than the last few ubuntu distro’s i’ve used, which various people have said has been going down hill over the last few distros. not to mention my experiences of weird graphical issues like getting confused between the LCD’s native res and 1024x768 at boot time, despite specifically setting otherwise.

even more so, off a few posts i’ve checked through these forums seem just a touch more friendly. im not sure why that is - just the impression i get.

so all in all, first impressions of SUSE is alot better than the last few 'buntu releases - it just works the way it should and the UI feels alot more thought about.

i’m far from a linux guru, could almost class me as a newbie as almost every issue i come across requires googling.

heres hoping the longer term use of SUSE is just as good as my first impressions though :slight_smile:

Welcome to openSUSE forums
Our next release is out this Thursday (11.3)
Check the link in my sig for helps… :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard.

If Googling is a mark of newbiness, then I am still a n00b after 11 years. When I come accross something unfamiliar, I hit Google.

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Welcome and have a lot of fun with openSUSE :slight_smile:


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Hello veehexx and welcome to the forums!:slight_smile:

My solution: use a different search engine.:wink:

Or you could post on these forums.
We’re happy to help.

Good luck!:wink:


Hey! welcome to OpenSuSe & it’s forum. I too used Ubuntu last one I used was Edgy. been here solid since 10.2 & haven’t looked back. Here’s to hoping the same for you!

A warm welcome here !!!

Been with SuSE from 7.0 , had lots of other distros running but have always stayed with (open)SuSE. Hope you found what you need. Remember this: there have been thousands before you where you are now, learn along the way, stupid questions do not exist, feel free to ask. People here will help you, like they themselves have been helped by others.

And, most important: ENJOY

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Out of curiosity it would be nice to know why.

many reasons but not sure on specifics here’s a list of reasons off the top of my head…

learning curve - simple things like permanently mapping network shares are more difficult and not that straight forward. really should be a GUI tick box that prepends whatever share you’ve setup to the fstab file!
permissions - every time i touch linux i seem to encounter permission issues. to be fair, it does tend to be chmod +x assignment so thats down to security rather than something im doing
reliability - ubuntu was the main distro i used, and most recent project was a backup system with rsync on ubuntu 10.04. seems theres a bug with headless servers in that it will not boot without a screen attached!
features - while i’ve found a way around it now, multi screens in something other than mirror/twin-view is messy. my most recent issue is lack of auto-switching to external LCD when plugging laptop into docking station. i want it (as do many others) to auto-switch to the external display and disable the onboard LCD.

however, the thing that keeps bringing me back to play with linux is the open-source nature of it, the repository system of delivering the majority of software, the ligher use of system resources unlike later releases of windows.
while some things shouldnt be as hard as they are, the satisfaction when you do get something working is usually worth it.

alot of it seems i just didnt get on well with ubuntu. i’ve been using openSUSE for the last day or 2 now and it’s going very smoothly and i’m converted to openSUSE now. it just seems to work a whole lot better and seems better thought out. it’s definately the distro for me :smiley: