New User Content Out of Date

Greetings all.

As a new again user of openSUSE, I am finding posts for new users to be out of date.

The forum main page,, has a notice to new forum users to “please go to the new user article section and read articles there.” However the link is broken.

The “New User How To/FAQ (read only)” forum seems very out of date. The posts are several years old and do not reference the current version of openSUSE, 42.1. For example, the Thread: Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide, references only to version 13.1.

I have also noticed many sticky posts in various forums to be similarly out of date. Maybe these posts should no longer be sticky posts.

Perhaps it is time for the maintainers of the forums to review the “New User How To/FAQ (read only)” forum posts in particular and sticky posts elsewhere in general and ensure that the content is relevant to the current version of openSUSE.

On a personal note, I am quite enjoying my time with the openSUSE 42.2 beta running the GNOME desktop environment, and I look forward to installing the final release in November. The last time a SUSE distribution was in use as my main system was back in the 1990’s with S.u.S.E Linux 5.x and SuSE Linux 6.x. A lot has changed since then. :slight_smile:



This is an automated response but we appreciate your feedback. Staff
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Thanks for pointing this out, Darrell. A discussion in the forums team has already been started.

And yes, 42.2 is going to be awesome. Just installed the beta3 with KDE 5.8 and I’m quite pleased with how it runs, looks