New User 10.3 /usr/bin/pg install question

I’m a brand new user of SUSE and installed 10.3 on an IBM T42 LT and have it up and running fine.

Installation went great and I’ve added several packages of software I use.

However; /usr/bin/pg doesn’t exist and I have searched this forum and Googled the world and can find no reference to how to find or install it.

Help for a newbie please! :open_mouth:

Is this the old BSD program also called page or more that shows you a document a page at a time? I think you will find that “less” is the Linux equivalent and is more capable.

Ken_Yap thanks.

Yes this is the BSD “page” command. And I also use less and have been using UNIX for about 35 years now so I have grown fond of certain programs to include “pg”.

I’m hoping it still exists for SUSE since I can find articles of earlier security flaws with it.

Well the BSD more command is still in Linux distros so you just have to alias it to pg.

Again thanks, but more does not contain the same functionality as “pg”…

Maybe someone will have “more” but not “less” information about “pg”! lol!

I’m not sure what the relationship is between more and pg. I always was under the impression that pg was just another name for more. Maybe somebody will have more details. :slight_smile:

Worst comes to the worst you could dig up the old code from the Internet Archive and compile your own.

There is a pg command for linux, though most distros don’t install it by default. It can be found on the util-linux package. You can download the code or get the source rpm.

Index of /pub/linux/utils/util-linux


I hope you’ll find this information useful. :wink: