New TW Splashscreen

So I just installed TW again (distro-hopping as per usual) and I am really digging the new outlined Geeko in a light bulb rotfl!. Pity TW is so fast on my hardware I only get to see it for a split second :’(.

Haven’t test Tumbleweed latest but I notice the same in Leap15. The same has also change the state to “beta”.

Sorry for the lousy printscreen(a pause’d in VB). Maybe it is time to test Leap15 beta on real iron soon. It would not come out any “official” call for testing if I have read it right?

Never mind.

Best regards.

Do you mean the new-new one with the lightbulb upside down, so that the gecko is up top? Truth be told I preferred the one just prior to this, with a less cartoony/saturated look, where the gecko was at the bottom. I have a wallpaper with the same image that makes it so when the DE fades in, it looks really natural, like the lightbulb is still there but now so are all the widgets/containers. The change means now I have to change wallpapers, lol.

To be honest I just saw it briefly and not again after (had to come to work :yawn:). I have to assume it is the new-new one and I believe the lightbulb was now orientated with the screw in part to the bottom (no clue where Geeko was). I liked it :). I also like the default TW wallpaper, “Shields up!”.

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Sadly this is the second image you have shared that I can’t open (behind a company firewall of nope :shame:).

After testing both Tumbleweed and Leap 15 in virtualbox machines, I liked the new Plymouth, SDDM and Plasma Splash Screen. Does anyone know if there is a chance that we on 42.3 are able to use it?

I’d think better of the new lightbulb if the filament weren’t an open circuit - difficult to get light if the bulb is burned out.

Small details.

I rather like the new light bulb for its elegant simplicity. I’m ignoring the lack of a complete circuit, though it was the first thing that I noticed.

… hmmm. Maybe “they” want to keep you in the dark?