New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180511 released!

Hi all,

Since there have been quite some questions re. lack of Tumbleweed updates: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180511 released!
Previous snapshots have been blocked for release by our testing facilities due to issues with python-docker, but this could be read as a sign that it’s fixed ( or is provided with a ( temporary ) workaround ).

Happy Tumbling

I didn’t see docker in my updates, but it was good to get a “dup” fix. I think I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms :slight_smile:

If you don’t run docker, you won’t see it. But the packagers and the Tw relaese manager could not ship a release that would break the installs of those who do.

The bug from system tray - when you open an external storage - is gone. Nice.
Thank you.

The snapshot contains an additional patch for solid (KDE’s “hardware abstraction layer”):

==== solid ====
Subpackages: libKF5Solid5 libKF5Solid5-lang solid-imports solid-tools

  • Add Update-mount-point-after-mount-operations.patch to fix
    spurious errors when trying to open an unmounted disk/device in
    file manager (kde#370975)

Great to hear that it helps! :slight_smile: