New to this: Need help putting it on XP.

Ok it’s downloading now. How do I transfer it to the blank CD?

Found out how to do that. What I read told me to verify the disk. How do you do this? Also, what should I consider when partitioning the hard drive through SUSE?


Ubuntu uses GNOME as the desktop environment, as far as I’m aware you can’t install it with KDE like you can with openSUSE.

The desktop environments aren’t distribution specific; however they, usually, have some branding applied based on the distribution.

If you have any problems you can post on the forums and someone will, usually, reply very soon; I normally find my questions are answered almost instantly.

You can also use IRC to get help from the #opensuse channel, where there will, usually, be plenty of openSUSE users ready to help you; this is probably the better option if you want step by step help while you are doing something, as it is similar to a chatroom.

Good luck,

Please first, try booting from the live-CD, it will load the OS in your system’s RAM and you can check it works ok.

When you do partition the hard drive, it is probably easier to let the installer use the partitioning it suggests, as it is your first Linux install.

Verifying the CD will be an option in the CD burning software; probably a check-box.

Nothin on me wrote:
> Thanks, but I’ll stick with 10 for now. I used 10 for about 3 months
> before it crashed (not because of openSUSE). I’m accustomed to 10, so
> I’ll see if I can update from there. Is this possible? If not, then I
> will go for 11.2. I just think it’s a lot easier without using a new
> disk.

you come here asking for help and advice and the first thing you do is
reject the advice given–that is one way to insure you get less and
less advice and help!

  1. what kind of disk do you have? is it openSUSE 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 or
    10.3? i ask because there is no such thing as “openSUSE 10”, there is
    on the other hand a “SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop” (SLED) version 10.

  2. you can not upgrade directly from 10.x to anything current…you
    WILL have to do a full reinstall

  3. there are NO updates available for 10.x on the net…which means
    the install you do today will NOT be as current as the install you
    made with that disk before…trying to install 10.x today may very
    well fail just because it misses the critical patches which were
    available via the net.

  4. however, if the disk you have is SLED 10 then you need to know
    that that is a commercial product sold and supported by the good folks
    at and you should say ‘bye’ here and go over to

> As for the partitioner software in Linux, I heard that it has some
> wacked up thing that doesn’t let Windows read that this was changed.
> When I do it can I partition the c: Drive?

you ‘heard’ some FUD…know what that is? it is Fear Uncertainty and
Doubt <,_uncertainty_and_doubt> and
it is being spread everyday by our friends in Redmond who are certain
it is NOT in their best interest for you to ever try Linux (they
almost instantly brought back XP in order to keep Linux out of the
hands of netbook buyers)…

now, while it is NOT true that the Linux partitioner software is “some
wacked up thing” is possible for the user (you) to not understand
what s/he is doing and self-whack your own hard drive–LOTS of
examples of that in these fora…

self-whacking can be avoided by reading to learn what is safe and what
is not…seek answers in the openSUSE documentation, wiki and forum


Alright listen here. You can answer my question, but the answer I got from someone else didn’t make sense. So don’t come into the conversation saying that I’m gonna get less people. I didn’t come here to argue (that’s what I have Yahoo Answers for). And I didn’t just “hear” I know because of recent attempts. That’s why I came here. So please, next time you answer a question, don’t diss the asker.

P.S. Thanks for the help.