New to the linux community here

Hey everyone,

Well as stated above I’m pretty new to the linux community. After my sister-in-laws computer crashed I gave her the computer I was using as a media center to use and took her old school dell. Since this computer is older then the one I gave her I decided I’d try to install linux on it since I’ve always wanted to do so, and this was a good excuse. Especially since this system was older and would probably not run so well with XP. Now I’ve been testing out different distros. I first tried Kubuntu but ran into some problems with wifi working. After that I tried unbuntu which so far I’ve liked and got my wifi working in, however I’m getting some stability issues. Mainly after I installed the drivers for the ATI card that’s inside of it. Everything worked as wanted until I did that. However I would like to have the nice extras of having good video drivers. As it stands without the drivers I can’t set my resolution to 1280 x 1024. However when I do use the ATI drivers I can put it at that resolution but my video runs horribly no matter what resolution I have it in. So I downloaded SUSE the other night and have yet to try that. I’m going to install that after work today and test it to see how I like it. Mainly this computer will be used as a media center to watch videos and play music in my bedroom. Any tips or tools you think might help me out would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly computer proficient however linux is a whole new beast to me. However I’m willing to learn and am not scared of command lines. My first job in the AF was as tech controller where I spent much time in command line configuring routers, and multiplexers. So far looking at this forum I’m liking the SUSE community best of all. It seems to be more new user friendly then other sights. Doing searches on ubuntu forums for problems I was having I ran into alot of threads where people where quick to talk down to new users and out right flame them. Making me less likely to post up a valid question I may have had. So far I haven’t seen anything like this on this forum. Really I have no questions as of yet, but I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

One question, I noticed that SUSE came in either KDE or Gnome. Which would be better for me to use? What’s the pros and cons of using one or the other?

Hi and Welcome :slight_smile:
What are the computer specs especially RAM, if it doesn’t have much I
would suggest XFCE4 as your Desktop. If you search the forums
(hardware and multimedia)you will find tips on the ATI drivers and
multimedia, else have a read here;
and here my be worth a browse;

You should also make sure you read the forum stickies to provide info
on your issues :slight_smile:

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> I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

[waving] Hi! Good luck with your install. I’m sure there are folks here
willing to help out if you have issues. I’m hoping you don’t though. :slight_smile:

I would go for GNOME if I were you! Its beautiful and runs so nicely.

If you love all the big icons and latest graphical effects then KDE would be for you.

I think you can install both and switch between them! Its a great way for you to decide which environment you feel comfy with!

The larger majority of people use KDE. But I prefer GNOME. :slight_smile: