New to SUSE

I earned my Linux+ cert a few months ago. While studying I used Fedora and Ubuntu 7.10. For yeara I had the MS blinders on. I noticed the different things that SUSE has to ofter then other distros and decided to take the dive in the other day.
Novell is working with Microsoft in a big way. I like the fact that their is a translator for openoffice to work with office 07 documents. I didn’t like that at first but its good because Windows isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Learning a distro that is support by MS will only help me. So far I think that Suse has better business environment features from jump then most.


> New to SUSE

Welcome to openSUSE, welcome to our forum community, and thanks for sharing
your initial thoughts. Stick around and let us know about your
experiences. Coming from a MS then Fedora/Ubuntu background it should be
interesting. Curious: What made you decide to try openSUSE?

I visited that Novell website and saw all the cool things that they are working on with Microsoft. Most Linux people seem to dislike Windows, I don’t really care for them anymore. That being said; SUSE Linux is endorsed by MS and can (or will) run tools that can manage a MS 2008 server and clients. That great for an admin that is tried of Windows. I’m also interested in the virtualization.
If a CIO knows that its endorsed by Microsoft I shouldn’t have any problems getting SUSE server into a network.
Not to mention the money side of things.

I’m basically tired of Windows been in the field since 02 (done on need one more test to be MCSA got, A+,N+ & Linux+) and it’s been MS this and MS that. When Vista came out I tried it for two weeks and was pissed at all the resources and HDD space it requires. That when I told myself that their has got to be another OS to run on my computer. I’d buy Mr. Torvalds a beer if I saw him on the street-thats real talk.

Hi i’m new to suse. i installed it only last week.And am exploring it all these days…

Welcome to openSUSE. In case one is not familiar with openSUSE Linux (although this will mostly be “oldhat” to experienced Linux users) please take a look at some basic openSUSE concepts:
Concepts - openSUSE

And WELCOME to our forum.

Welcome aboard.

Feel free to ask questions as needed. Good luck!


> Hi i’m new to suse. i installed it only last week.And am exploring it
> all these days…

And a hearty welcome to you too!