new to suse, installed, how to switch back to vista

ok first off ima noob to all of this stuff… i installed suse to work on stuff outside of my class since i dont know much and wanna learn. i read a thread about dual booting suse 11 and vista, i have vista so i shrunk the partition to make room for the suse install, i used a live cd and it worked great (in my opinion, but what do i know) anyways ive been reading about grub and how to switch, or something. i open yast and my windows partition and everything is there… anyways as soon as i turn on my pc it automatically boots suse, what the process to access and load vista, because i rly dont get some of the other articles.

woops nvr mind :slight_smile:

Did you get Vista back? You can lengthen the time out for the GRUB menu in Yast, then choose bootloader and options tab. Default is 8 seconds and you can increase it or on the first page, make Vista the default system.