New to OpenSuse

I installed openSuse a few days ago and I like the OS looks. However I have a few issues I can’t seem to figure out even after using Yast and other configuration tools.
Issue #1: The OpenSuse now boots without a login screen. Booting right into my desktop scares me. I would like to bring the login screen back.

Issue #2: I always like to make the task bar transparent.

Issue #3: I have been trying to figure out how to create keyboard shortcuts for my favorite apps.

Issue #4: when I open Dolphin, I like to see my pictures be represent by what the picture looks like not a system icon.

I’m hoping to get these issues resolved. I don’t want to have to try another Linux OS.

  1. In Yast Security/Users - User Management you can config / disable auto login. A good idea!

  2. Kde3 is way better for transparency and it is configured in the control centre and I think you can also right click the panel. In Kde4 it is virtually non-existent - but try using Slim-Glow Desktop Theme, it offers some, at least it does for me, but you need transparency checked in desktop effects too.

  3. Configure Desktop, several sections seem to have settings, but I don’t use them.

  4. Go to the config settings - view modes, you may have to increase the preview file size above 5mb for some. Also on the View section at top of screen, check preview, and also in View - Panels - check ‘Information’
    This still may not do everything you want.

I tried Yast again Security/Users and that didn’t seem to work. How do you change from Kde4 to 3.5?

Try again under user and group management
there is a expert options at lower right and you can select login settings
then finish

To switch to kde3 yu must have it installed
Go to Yast Software Management
filter by patterns
scroll down and select:

to login to kde3, assuming you have disabled auto login
at login screen, lower left you have an options section

later when you have kde3 up and running
add this repo to your list (call it KDE3 Build Service)
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.0
and update via software management
but this time filter by repositories and select all in this newly added repo