New to Opensuse

Hello all,

I am really new to Linux and i had tried to switch myself from Windows to Linux a few times, but still no joy, however, i am not going to give up:)
I am able to install Linux on my machine. But after that, i am just lost, i spends most time to solve “xxx command not found” rather than to learn this OS.

Also, i have some hardware drivers issues.

So, for a beginer, is there a tutorial which can help me to install the most used commands, or i should install the commands when i need them.

And, can you also give me some suggestions about where should i start to use Linux.

Thanks in advance!!!

I recommend you read up on some basic openSUSE Linux concepts: Concepts - openSUSE

Please also read our installation stickie: NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums there are many links in their you are recommended to take a look at.

Reference your “xxx command not found” issues, often that occurs because one is attempting something that has a major impact on the Operating System, and those sorts of activities require administrator (ie root) permissions. Typically efforts to install/delete software, or change/install drivers, change software repositories, change kernel modules, etc … ie anything that can globally harm one’s system if done with malicious intent, will require root permissions to address.

If one is doing this from a konsole/terminal, one can just type “su” (no quotes) which will give one root permisisons on that konsole/terminal (and also any apps launched from that konsole/terminal) for as long as one has that specific konsole/terminal open. “su” in fact means switch user, and if one has not specified which user, then it assumes one wishes to switch to administrator. When one is complete, just type “exit” (to get rid of the switched user permissions) or close the konsole/terminal. After a bit of time/practise this becomes second nature and intuitively obvious, but for new users it can be frustrating. Do not succumb to the attemptation to log in as adminstrator all the time, as that will cause permission problems and eventually can break your system irretrievably (not to mention the PC is more at risk from hackers in such a case).

Good luck!

zhangj5 wrote:
> tried to switch myself from Windows to Linux

and, those two links posted by oldcpu!