New to opensuse

Ok so im a noob at linux and the only distro i ever used was ubuntu(poor me i know). Im going to use kde instead of gnome because i think kde is the better choice.

Now to the point, i was wondering if to get compiz working, and for themes and stuff i have to go to a package manager like synaptic and install compiz and emerald through there?

If you could help me how to get compiz and thing working and maybe some more cool applications working/installed in opensuse i would be greatful



you will go through yast.

correct me if i’m wrong,you’re saying that if you want to install compiz and emerald,then you’ll have to go to a package manager,is that right?

From a default 11.1 install, KDE 4.1.3 (and KDE4.2 is your choose to upgrade) has compiz-based effects, including desktop cube, transparencies, wobbly windows (I’m a sucker for those) so long as your graphics card is recognized as having compositing abilities.

As for emerald, you can install that from YaST2 (your SUSE synaptic equivalent *).

You can see your compositing effects from Applications > Configure Desktop > Desktop, under Desktop Effects > All effects.*

Would i also install emerald or is there something different for KDE?

You certainly have the option to install emerald, but it is not a requirement (I am simply using kwin – the standard for KDE) – so the short answer is: to get compositing effects you just have to log into KDE and set them up how you like them.

There are additional compiz plugins packages in the repositories and you can install emerald too if you so desire, but they aren’t necessary as many plugins are simply ready to go “out of the box.”

Go here Compiz Fusion - openSUSE and do 1-click