New to openSUSE, not to Linux

As I am thoroughly trying out openSUSE Tumbleweed I thought why not register to the forums.
I am in the process of giving it a fair try for one month and then I will see if I will stick with it. At the moment it looks good, I am almost one week in and like what I see.
I am new to Tumbleweed but not really to openSUSE, I already tried it once with Leap and it was not bad but something made me go back to Debian sid. You see I like to roll. Even though in Debian Unstable that is not really the case. I always wanted to try Tumbleweed but I was too lazy to set it up. I like my OS once set up and then that’s it. I am in a kind of lockdown vacations so I have time.

I think there is one guy over at the Destination Linux Network community that praises openSUSE. :wink:

Welcome to the forums. And I hope Tumbleweed works out well for you.

The guy at Destination Linux is Cubicle Nate.

(“an almost unhealthy obsession for the openSUSE project.”) :wink:


Yes, exactly.

Welcome, also a new user here rotfl!

Cool. Thank you, too. Always nice to see more new users.

So far I am really enjoying my time with openSUSE.

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