New to openSUSE, not to Linux

Hello all, my first post here. I’m new to openSUSE, but not to Linux. I started out in 1999 with Red Hat (before RHEL and Fedora), moved on from there to Debian, and from there I’ve spent most of my time as a Slackware user, in addition to Gentoo and forays into OpenBSD.

I recently installed Leap on my ThinkPad T61, with KDE Plasma 5, and I have been very impressed so far. I’m more accustomed to using XFCE or window managers such as cwm or dwm, but I have been so impressed with the progress of Plasma 5, that I figured it was time to try a distro that seems to have an excellent implementation of it, hence openSUSE.

Welcome to openSUSE.

I started with slackware in 1995. I’ve been an openSUSE user now for around 15 years.

Hi, welcome

Started with S.u.S.E. 5.4 in 1998, tried dozens of other distros at the time, but from 2001 S.u.S.E., SuSE, openSUSE has been my ‘home’ distro.
Enjoy !!!

Thanks guys. Do I need to have a certain amount of posts before I can edit my avatar? Thanks!

Spent the morning reading some openSUSE docs, and adding in some CLI functionality that I’m accustomed to. So far, so good!

Probably, but I don’t know what that number is. It’s probably a smallish number (like 10).

IIRC it indeed is 10.

First Windows and since 2006 I started with openSuse and I never abandoned it, trying also other Distrò in the middle.:wink: