New to openSUSE Forums

Hi All!

I’m new to the forum. I welcome everyone from Hungary!

Hi, welcome to these forums, have fun !!!

Welcome aboard. (I shifted your first post to its own dedicated thread.)

You’ll find these Forums a rich resource for everything you might need.
If someone asked about your question before, you can see how it was answered.
If you have an unanswered question, people are here to give you their answer to the best that they know.
If you want to just learn, browse through what others have asked and and how it was solved.

And, if you’re brand new to openSUSE,
Besides the info at for your version of openSUSE,
The following is my slide deck describing an installation from pre-install questions to the install and first steps after install


Welcome. I am not from Hungary but I have wonderful memories of visits in 1970 and 1998.

Hi everybody!, a new one here too. I just started and reading some threads, and I wanted to thank you for this amazing forum and super useful information around :slight_smile:

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. :slight_smile:

Welcome to openSUSE forums.

If new to openSUSE, there are many places to find information. Asking for help on our forum is one way - and please try to pick a suitable subforum, and choose a suitable title that is very specific to the technical aspects of your problem. That can in many cases mean it will get the attention of the experts in that specific area. Most of us know some areas better than other areas of openSUSE.

I often use google for help, searching for “openSUSE techincal-item wiki” . For example if I wanted info on skype on openSUSE GNU/Linux I would type in Google: “openSUSE skype wiki” … or if I wanted information on the radeon driver, I would type “openSUSE radeon wiki”.

Hope you enjoy your experience with our forum and also with openSUSE GNU/Linux.

thank you very much for the welcoming message oldcpu. I used to use google and stackoverflow normally to solve the doubts, but recently I got into a couple of forums (not technical related, but sports), and I got surprised how expert and willing to help the people are.

So, because I normally work quite a lot with linux, and opensuse, I thought that it would be great to try it. Thanks for all the tips :slight_smile: