new to opensuse 11.1

And i need to do…

i have a mixed scenario right now.
I have only three computer on home network.

i).vista accer travelmate 4720 laptop loaded with vista sp1 ultimate

ii).normal pc : this pc is loaded with opensuse 11.x linux but this pc has 2 NICs I have connected both with a switch and internet.can I use one NIC as private and another NIC as public to access internet?

iii). normal pc : its loaded with win xp sp2

how to set my network.
I have connected each NIC with a D-Link switch.And the ordinary D-Link switch is connected with DataOne Nokia Siemens network c2110 modem.

But problems are that

  1. each time i can connect only one PC at a time.

2)opensuse 11.x is not connected to the specified modem ever…by adsl seup command.

Every time i am trying to connect to network suse is saying you need to configure your to do that?

please help as soon as you can…
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I would personally, use a router rather than a switch. The ADSL modem connects to the router upline. Then the PC’s connect to the wired connection points. The Laptop can be connected wirelessly if you have a wireless router or wired connection if not. Eg. a DLink 615 router can connect 4 wired PC’s and up to 96 wireless ones. Another option might be to connect 2 PC’s direct and the PC with second nic tie into switch or router with Laptop. Posible config are almost endless


You shall configure one of NICs for extranet using pppoe and then following the ICS configuration to be a router machine.
For you reference:
BSD/Linux Tutorial Zone: Using pppoe connect to internet (KDE and Gnome) on openSUSE 11.1, 11, 10.3

ICS - openSUSE

Not a problem but expected behavior with your setup.

As stated before, either configure one of your machines to work as a router or (recommended for several reasons) buy a dedicated router and replace the switch.