New (to me) Gateway W350A issues running 11.4 Gnome (networking anomaly, proprietary driver, dropbox

Gateway W350A AMD/ATI laptop
Running 32 bit openSUSE Gnome, despite 64 bit Turion (my choice)

The wifi breaks when the laptop is closed to suspend, requires a reboot.
Don’t know if I should use the proprietary driver, or exactly how for the Radeon. Not familiar with ATI… always had NVidia.
Dropbox has an error when installing the RPM from the site, apparently no script like in 12.1. Problem same as in wiki article DropBox - openSUSE
The WebCam does not work at all, and I have no idea where to even start troubleshooting that.

Only truly crucial issue is the dropbox, I NEED that for work purposes. The other issues I can take my time on.

I considered installing 12.1, but the KDE is buggy for me usually and the Gnome is a major step down in functionality.

Just discovered I have a problem with playing back DVD, though I have libDVDcss. Totem silently crashes immediately.
Pandora wasn’t playing back earlier either, but it may be a problem on their side.

I was also wondering how I can map the multimedia keys to launch apps and operate playback functions.

Here is the basic HW profile. SUSE Paste

The Webcam seems to be detected now, and Cheese is acting like it can use it. However, there is no actual image, just a black screen.