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Hello All,
I’m new to the forums and new to linux. I’m thinking of going from Windows to Linux.I’ve never really used linux before, just for a school assignment once, and besides that I have no experience with linux,but I’m wanting to learn. I’m just not sure which distribution of linux is good. I’m thinking of using opensuse or ubuntu. Some advice would be appreciated. thanks.

I always recommend new openSUSE Linux users read the openSUSE concepts guide.
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If you decide to install openSUSE, please read our openSUSE installation stickie:
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… and if you graduate to the stage where you want multimedia in openSUSE Linux, please read our openSUSE multimedia stickie:
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In fact, if you look at most of the forums and subforums in, you will find stickies at the top of each section, most of which have useful information relevant to those areas.

To help you avoid some frustrations, please keep in mind that Linux is not windows … (see article: Linux is NOT Windows )

In summary, WELCOME to our forum, thank you for participating, and if you decide to try out Linux, I hope you enjoy your experience.

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If you are thinking of switching to linux I would reccomend downloading a few live dvd/cds and trying a few different distros. There is a whole lot of distros out there. I personally recently made the switch about 2 years ago. I started with Xandros which was a great learning tool, I then tried ubuntu and Kubuntu. I am now currently running klikit linux. I am going to try open suse while I am waiting for the next release of klikit. Now I have tried just a few of the flavors available, but there are a bunch out there. I would suggest trying a bunch and going with what you like. I do strongly reccomned using the live versions of what ever distro you want to try. This way you dont have to install anything. You can run it from a disk and play with it, without affecting your system.