New to Linux(internet setup) ..PLZ help

hi, i m absolutely new to opensuse. have been using windows only. But now switched over to opensuse. i dont know how to set up an internet connection. i have a dsl modem that connect through ethernet port(ppope). how to set up my internet connection. i am using that same connection on windows and it works fine. but i have no idea on configuration in opensuse. mine is opensuse 11.1

i hope this helps:

here, with a dsl modem directly connected via ethernet (through a
properly setup router), i can boot from an openSUSE (or Knoppix,
Enlightenment, and others) Live CD and automatically have internet
access without touching any networking configuration…at all…zero
messing around, i just boot and have net access…

which means that Linux “just works” with my hardware…

and, if i then install, it continues to “just work”…(in fact, during
openSUSE install here it connected to the net and offered to do a
full update, which i allowed prior to the first boot)

so i have to guess you either have a hardware issue or you
accidentally “UN-just works” it while trying to set up networking…

you could try booting an openSUSE Live CD and see if you get to the
net, or not…if not then you need to tell us something about your


Here you are.
BSD/Linux Tutorial Zone: Using pppoe connect to internet (KDE and Gnome) on openSUSE 11.1, 11, 10.3

Hello, I have just installed OpenSUSE 12.3 and when I started to explore the OS wants to use Firefox but Firefox “can’t find the server at” …(whichever address I want to go to). When I was installing OpenSUSE it did find my eth0 network and when I have used Puppy Linux on this computer there was no problem connecting to the internet once the OS had located my eth0 network. On the network I also have a computer using Windows XP and another computer using MacBook and there is no problem connecting with these - I’m online now with my Windows XP computer.

I can access KDE help through Konquerer but can’t access OpenSUSE via Konquerer or Firefox. It has to be an internet connection issue with OpenSUSE but I can’t find any menu to get online.

Hello, I seemed to have solved the problem! I turned off the computer, removed the disk I had installed OpenSUSE with, and restarted the computer. This time the OS automatically connected me to the internet. I’m free to explore openSUSE now.