new suse11.4 install

I decided to go for broke, i had 11.2 on my acer 7535 64 bit. everything worked i decided to install 11.4 …(32 bit) on this system. everything works fine even my atheros wireless wich i am on now no configuation was needed at all. ATI is working with 3d and that shocked me , but when i shut down it reboots only and will not turn off unless i hold the power button down. any suggestions as to what might cause this …can anyone help. i did do all of my updates using yast so everything is up to date. i did not have the 64 bit version available. Could this be the problem???..

Since 11.4 is still in beta you should report this with all the hardware details on bugzilla

And since 11.4 is still in factory, you should have posted it in Pre-release/beta forum. :wink: