New SUSE/Moblin Linux netbook from MSI arrives

Sounds interesting. Anybody have any further information on this?

New SUSE/Moblin Linux netbook from MSI arrives
What do you get when you mix Novell’s SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 11 with the Linux Foundation’s Moblin 2.1 netbook desktop? A lightweight Linux desktop that’s trying to snag the netbook desktop market before Google’s Chrome OS runs away with it later this year.

The Stats, according to the link (minus the Genuine Windows® 7 Starter of course) is

  • Intel® Atom™ N450 processor
  • Dazzling Color Choices with Exqusite Patterns
  • 10" Widescreen Display
  • msi Chiclet Keyboard and Wider Touch Pad
  • Long Battery Life Perfect for 1-day Computing
  • Hard Drive with Massive Capacity
  • Built-in High 1.3M Webcam
  • Built-in High-Performance 2 Channel Stereo Speakers, and Microphone
  • 802.11b / g / draft n Wireless Lan with Bluetooth
  • Comprehensive Multi-Media Application Interface

I think it said February this year. That may be an expensive month for me since that’s also when my “new every two” comes up with Verizon and sometime in Spring they are supposed to be including the new Google Nexus One!