New Suse install w/factory disks "can't find CD 1"


I have some Novell produced disks of SuSE Linux 10.0 from the Boxed version (I know, I should get a current version, it’s what my company provides & mandates for now, I’ll chase getting a current version along with this, anyway…)

I’ve done hundreds of Linux installs, some of these have been SuSE installs, and in this case, I’m using the DVD install disk and receive an error stating that the install program can not find CD1 (yes, with the DVD in the tray).

So I replace the DVD with the Novell produced CDs of SuSE and repeat this with CD 1. Same thing. The installer errors and states it can no find CD 1.

I did notice 2 other people have had this problem:
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and in a different website:
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I personally suspect it may be a driver issue for my system. The disks are fine, we’ve used these very disks to (recently) load other systems. The disks are professionally produced (the disks from the boxed set of Novell SuSE Linux 10.0, sitting on a shelf forever).

As a test, I am loading Red Hat En. Linux on the same system that I received the above error on. Besides an inordinately SLOW format time, it seems to be reading the install DVD.

Forgot to mention, this is on a fresh new computer, right out of the box. The connectors are all checked, the system is clean inside, all physical connections on the system board seem secure for all components, to include the back of the DVD/CD-Rom unit.

Okay, has anyone else experienced this problem with SuSE where it complains during the initial install that it can not locate the install media on CD1? This error occurs with either the DVD or the CD-Rom (the actual CD 1) on disks that are in good condition, professionally produced by Novell and again, we used these disks to load other systems.

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This also occurs with downloaded versions of 11.0 and 11.1 DVD.

11.1 Live CD doesn’t modprobe properly and leaves the screen an holy unreadable mess in GNOME and KDE versions.