New Suse 13.2 Inst Hangs on Boot

New 13.2 installation hangs on boot. I suspect Nouveau driver issue but I cannot create a blacklist entry since I cannot boot and log in with non-graphics mode (init level 3). First image is my boot options. Second image is as far as I get. The mouse drives the cursor Ok but that screen is as far as I get … Ideas?

Did you try recovery mode??

Why can’t you log to a terminal???

In case you did not know the way

  1. press e at the boot screen

  2. find line starting with linux

  3. go to end of that line Note it wraps. Best to just press end key to be sure you get to true end

  4. enter a space then a 3

  5. press F10 to continue boot

But you don’t want to blacklist anything at this point

first tell us of your hardware. Does this happen to be a notebook with optimus (Intel+NVIDIA GPU) It makes a difference on how to proceed
What NVIDA card or chip??

Try to select the “Recovery Mode” option, this uses a generic video driver (not nouveau). Does it work then?

>Did you try recovery mode??

I tried recovery mode but couldn’t create the blacklist because “read only filesystem”

>Why can’t you log to a terminal???
I don’t know how

>In case you did not know the way
I’m trying that now … BRB

> But you don’t want to blacklist anything at this point
Ok I won’t

>first tell us of your hardware. Does this happen to be a notebook with optimus (Intel+NVIDIA GPU) It makes a difference on how to proceed What NVIDA card or chip??

Geforce GTX 580, Intel i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4 GHz w/8 Gb RAM

Ok, Im in at init level 3 thanks for that

If I’m not going to blacklist nouveau what should I do now?

Recovery mode is not read only normally unless there is perhaps file system damage. It just uses lower level drivers and you wont get full usage of the video card. But You would need to be root to change system settings so…:\ Did you actually get to a desktop and just could not change a file because you were not running as root???

You really did not answer the question about Optimuis. Is this a note book.

Almost all consumer Intel processors have GPU’s these days. We need to know if is a notebook In which case it is probably Optimus based. If a desktop it is not Optimus based. So which is it? It is important to the next step.

Note you need a working Internet connection. If a desktop turn off the Intel on board GPU from BIOS. Then boot to terminal and run yast to install NVIDIA drivers (note it is text based so navigate with arrows and tabs) First add the NVIDIA repository in repository management. Then in Software management search for NVIDIA There are several flavors of the driver you want the GO3 flavor for the 530 series. There will be 5 pakages. 2 will have the name of the kernel flavor. If you did nothing to the kernel it will be desktop So you want the 5 packages all with GO3 and 2 with desktop in the names. Note if you can get to the desktop with recovery mode then you can just use the graphical yast

So if notebook ignore the above instructions

If a notebook would be very good to know if it is optimus based. Because different drivers are needed and install the wrong ones can be a pain for newbees. If it is an optimus based notebook please do NOT install the normal NVIDIA driver You need Bumblebee

follow instruction her to the letter do not read any other instruction on Bumblebee they may be old

My apologies, this is NOT a notebook, it is a desktop. I haven’t heard of Optimus before

I’ll try installing the nvidia drivers for this desktop per your instructions, thanks

Well Optimus is a pain for Linux because NVIDIA does not provide Optimus support in their drivers and if you install the normal drivers you in essence break the video . It can be fixed but most people mess things up good before they come here. FYI it is a scheme were the Intel GPU is used for low power usage and NVIDA eats batteries but gives great performance. All the rendering is trough the Intel so special hardware is used. If you install the NVIDA drivers they modify files in X and thus kill the Intel usage. Bumblebee allows talking to the special hardware to control which GPU is king and the special NADIA-bumblbee driver does not modify the X files so the Intel will function. ie a total pain rotfl!