new setup need a few answers before plunging into full build mode.

I had run an OpenSuse 13.1 setup for couple of years before switching to unRaid.
but now I want to build out the different setup and I think the new OpenSuse might fit the bill.

this is a home server. primary use is media serving to HTPC and data sharing among 3-4 computers/users
a backup server for above computers/users

planed VMs are : A Ubuntu or CentOS minimal install with SubNZB/coach potato/sick beard/ transmission or deluge installed to
automate and manage media and other downloads.
I do not torrent much and do not have usernet accounts, but want to use the setup on rare case I need to download something and want to use it also to organize and reprocess my existing media properly.

I have a single rack mount Super Micro server 24 hot plug drives chassis, dual Opteron 6 core (12 cores total) and 50GB RAM.
existing BTRFS pool of 4 drives(2x3TB + 2x2TB) in raid 1 setup with data.
2x1TB and 2x2TB drives with data on them but planning to clear them and add it to the main pool.
single 240GB SSD drive for the system, also have a pair of 120GB SSD that can be used for the system drive.
2 on board NIC + 2 NIC on an Intel dual pro PCIe card (4 NIC total)

I am planning a VM/File server build. single HOST to run KVM virtual environment AND provide local storage to all vm and real clients.
I want a remote management with GUI (webUI preferred) but can deal with other options for now.

the ideal setup would be, a system drive on bootable raid 1 to protect from un-bootable system. running a server OS setup manageable remotely (webUI preferred but VNC is doable for now) preferably the VM management via webUI as well.
a shared storage option to provide all local drives and data to the clients.

Questions are:
#1. how do I install OpenSuse 42.1 on raid 1 and make it bootable from both drives.
a. do I use mddam raid?
b. can I setup bootable BTRFS raid 1 and how?

#2. any suggestions for WebUI for server and KVM. I know about WebMin, any thing other that would work better on OpenSuse?
anything for VM management?

#3. what is the optimal NIC setup considering I have 4 nics?
is NIC Teaming a good option



is my post asking for too much?
how come not a single response/answer so far?

OK I will close this post and try a new one with more narrow scope.