New release of Firefox

How does one install the new release of Firefox in 42.1 ? The repository still has the prior release…

42.1 is no longer supported since over a month, there won’t be any updates.
You should better upgrade to a supported version, i.e. 42.2.

You can of course download Firefox from, that should work on any distribution.
And the mozilla repo on OBS is apparently still active for 42.1 too:

Thank you for the advice… I recently upgraded to 42.1 from a much older release and felt that I had made a significant move but now I see that wasn’t quite so.

Ok - I have upgraded to 42.2 and still see the old release of Firefox. How can I update to the current release of Firefox ?

What is old?


zypper se -si firefox

If you always want the very latest firefox download it from the mozilla site.
You can untar it in any folder you want ( I use /usr/share/) and create symlink in /usr/bin, like this

cd /usr/share
tar -xf /path/to/Downloads/firefox*
ln -s /usr/share/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

You only need the symlink once - it will stay. You update firefox the same way and it overwrites the existing firefox folder. Back it up if you may wish to revert.

There are also other reasons why it’s not available…

Remember release numbers may just add features, security issues are backported, so running the latest is not always the best.