New project: EMoC - Easy Movie Converter


I have started another project, and as in previous (baires), I made it because I needed it, in 1st place, but I think others may need it too.

What was initial problem for me: My camcorder has hard disk, so each time I record a scene, it makes new MPG. So, usually, several mpeg files are actually one movie that I want, so I need to join them. As quality is extra high, it might get tuned a little to be stored on DVD(s). Also, I take some of them and put it to youtube, but have to downgrade a quality so it can be of reasonable size for upload.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I don’t need to have bunch of shell files, something like profiles? Oh yea… So I made an application.

EMoC is FFMPEG and MENCODER front end where you can set some simple conversion settings which are stored into profiles, so you can create various profiles for various needs.
So now, I can have profile that just joins files, joins and prepares it for DVD or youtube.

I am posting it to you now, if you wish to install it, use it, and if possible, send me a feedback so I can make it better… and, of course, participate in coding when you have nothing better to do.

Main page is here: EMoC download

If you don’t have already Microchip8’s repo:

zypper addrepo --refresh microchip8

then just install it:

zypper in emoc

Of course, there are sources too:

Will repeat: any suggestion, critics, public spitting or praising is welcome