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Hope this is where this goes. Apologies if it isn’t. Looking to install OpenSuSe on my laptop. I’ve tried many other distro’s including Ubuntu,Fedora,Sabayon,and Arch (Which i currently run on my desktop, would be too much a pain to setup on a lappy :stuck_out_tongue: ). Just installed windows 7 on it & my desktop (dual boot) and looking to try SuSe now on it. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what might differ OpenSuSe from other distro’s new items, support etc. After navigating my way through Arch Installation (After epically failing when not printing off the install guide :stuck_out_tongue: ) i just kinda want something that works for my laptop, wireless & mobile broadband support etc. Just saying hey and looking for responses. Peace.

openSUSE is just another distro. Yes, it has some
very nice features like YaST, and though it’s waning,
there’s still some semblance of Unix experience within
the distro. That is, it tends to work and integrate
well with other OS’s (but again, this is not necessarily
getting better, and may be getting worse).

Laptops are VERY particular. So, there isn’t a “one
distro fits all” situation. It sounds like you won’t
have much problem though if you’ve already gotten other
distros to work on your laptop.

Since you provided no specifics about your laptop, it’s
hard to guess at what problems you might encounter.

Yeah I’ve had Ubuntu (8.04 to 9.04 on it and Fedora 10,11 as well as Sabayon 4.*). Ubuntu was great and all but im not a fan of aptitude. Fedora was okay, RPM’s are convenient, but graphics were’nt great and ran into problems occasionally while installing programs and experimenting, Sabayon was a total waste at least on my hardware it seemed to suck %100 CPU and the graphics were slow. I had to adjust alot of res for OpenSuSe but otherwise its fine there. No support for mobile broadbands, but i havn’t updated yet so maybe that’ll fix itself. So far so good and +1 on Yast. We’ll see i guess… (total distro hopper here).My lappys a Sony Vaio Hardware is Mobility Radeon ATI 3400 series graphic card, Atheros Wireless card, 19" wide display, Core 2 Duo 3.2ghz processor. So far no real problems hardware wise but i havn’t tested advanced desktop effects etc.

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So far so good, pain in the a** getting default icons off desktop :p. But otherwise pleased.

That’ll be Gnome then, in KDE it’s no problem.
You’ll have to be super user to delete them