New posts?


if I click the “New Posts” I often get the message

Showing results 1 to 17 of 17
Search took 0.05 seconds; generated 14 minute(s) ago.
(had up to 22 mins one time).
But if I click on “Today’s Posts” I can see that there are new posts indeed.

Bug or feature?

Today’s posts and New posts are different, obviously.

Today’s posts will show all today’s posts regardless.

New posts will not show posts you have already viewed and or replied to and will not show them again until another user posts in the same thread.

That’s right.
I click on “New Posts” and see that search created 14 minutes ago (unread posts).
I click on “Today’s Posts” and see that there are new posts…(unread!)
I click on “New Posts” again and see that search created 15 minutes ago (unread posts).
But not the new posts.

Logout - login - “New Posts” → new posts.

To lessen the load on the server, the search database does not refresh each time a user clicks the New Posts button. :wink:

probably too complicated to understand…

i say that because it seems you are not the only confused one, see:

the forum here uses software, here is some reading at
their site:“new+post+button”

let me know if you figure out the answer to your Q…or, if the
software here is not operating as designed…

and, i also wonder if you expected it to work the way the designer

and, you might also try refreshing the page with F5 and see if it then
works the way you expected