new post notifications for what are very old posts

for the past twelve hours or so I have been receiving new post notifications for posts that were made months (and sometimes years) ago.
Is someone playing around with the forums triggering a backlog of notifications to be sent that were not sent when they originally should have been?

For example
this thread last had a post in 2009!?p=2768822#post2768822

but I have had four new post notifications for it in the past twelve hours.

Were you subscribed to those threads (I know it is a long time ago, but maybe you still know or can see it in your list of subscriptions)?

Are more people seeing this? Please post here.

Until now I do not see this. But I do remove old subscriptions (that is why I asked the first question above).

generally, as a rule I don’t unsubscribe from threads.
However, I can’t find the link I posted above in my sibscriptions.

I received a new post notification today (March 23 2016) for post #9 in this thread

as you can see - that post was made on Deb 26 2016. I can see this thread in my list of subscriptions.

In all I have received about a dozen new post notifications today for posts that are definitely not new.

nothing for the past 24 hours.
Hopefully problem solved.

Thanks for reporting that.

From technical staff: there was a problem in the system(s) that support the NNTP interface to the forums. this was solved and a recovery run was done. Both of the llinks you provided point to NNTP posts.

It is not exact clear what triggered what and why only you seem to have noticed this. Several parameters (like notfication can be done “direct” or “daily”, or …) can influence this. Also it could be that most other people clean up their list of subscriptions.

Again, thanks for reporting the case and keeping us up-to-date.