new PC, widows7 partition

my old PC is dead, I bought this morning an new one CQ5340, everything works now chic, I’m very happy with 11.3. After installation I see that I have more space as common storage for all users. I have formated Windows NTFS partition to Ext4 en that is now output but i can’t place nothing on /dev/sda2 /local former windows D partition.
I want tackle soon also Windows C partition, where I make mistake?

zoran@linux-vaif:~> df -h
Bestandssysteem Grtte Gebr Besch Geb% Aangekoppeld op
/dev/sda6 20G 5,4G 14G 29% /
devtmpfs 1,5G 264K 1,5G 1% /dev
tmpfs 1,5G 4,0K 1,5G 1% /dev/shm
/dev/sda7 201G 2,9G 188G 2% /home
/dev/sda1 100M 25M 76M 25% /windows/C
/dev/sda2 226G 188M 214G 1% /local
/dev/sda3 12G 10G 1,7G 86% /windows/E

zoran@linux-vaif:~> mount
/dev/sda6 on / type ext4 (rw,acl,user_xattr)
proc on /proc type proc (rw)
sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw)
debugfs on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)
devtmpfs on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,mode=0755)
tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,mode=1777)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,mode=0620,gid=5)
/dev/sda7 on /home type ext4 (rw,acl,user_xattr)
fusectl on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)
/dev/sda1 on /windows/C type fuseblk (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions)
/dev/sda2 on /local type ext4 (rw,acl,user_xattr)
/dev/sda3 on /windows/E type fuseblk (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions)
securityfs on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)

Any idea?
Thanks in advance,

You need to post a copy of your fstab file located at /etc/fstab. You can edit copy its data if using KDE with the menu Run Command:

kdesu kwrite /etc/fstab

You seem to have an awful lot of partitions. The possible problem with fstab is that if it set a mount point for a partition as NTFS and you changed it to ext4, that mighht be a problem. Second, if All I had on a disk drive was openSUSE, I could not need more than four partitions: Swap, /, /home, & perhaps /local or /common or what ever you want the forth partition to be called.

Thank You,

For an initial install on a new (to me) system of openSuSE (when I am not looking to replace Windows altogether), I typically install it on a completely separate drive (not merely partition), as I have enough issues with GRUB2 mucking around with the MBR of the Windows drive. In fact, I just migrated Windows 7 to a larger main drive (500 GB WD Caviar GP) and have 11.3 x64 on the old (200 GB Maxtor) main drive. UNfortunately, openSuSE saw fit to plop GRUB2 on the WD, which has nothing else from openSuSE on it other than GRUB2. (One reason I have the two operating systems on separate drives is because it gives me the freedom to not start the Windows drive at all, especially now that the openSuSE drive is more than adequate.)

For the access to sda2, which you somehow mounted on /local (that’s OK to mount it there, though it is a bit unusual, Yast partitioner must have suggested that). I think the owner of /local is root and the group is root, so you can’t write there. To write there, change the ownership to yourself, presumably zoran, with this command run in a console window:

sudo chown zoran:users /local

That will make it writable by zoran.

An afterthought: if you have more users than just zoran, and you want all users to have write access to the ext4 partition, you can give it to them by changing the access mask to drwxrwxrwx with this command:

sudo chmod 777 /local

but if write access is only for you, then don’t bother with this command.