New openSUSE user

Hi everyone,

I am a recent openSUSE convert, and a fairly new linux user as well. I started trying linux last year off and on, and then recently decided to pursue/learn linux more. I have been distro-jumping for the past 3 months,and have discovered openSUSE. Wow - it has been the best I have used by FAR. I started with Mandriva but wasn’t to keen on KDE, so I switched to Ubuntu. I tried to stick with it for a while, but I just never felt ‘home’. I have since tried Fedora, Zenwalk, and Debian. OpenSUSE has been the best by far for what I wanted, and it finally feels like I have found a distro to call ‘home’! Please be patient with me, I am a Windows senior support analyst, so I have some bad habits to break! lol!

welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay with suse

Let me clarify a bit on my previous post…I am not a Windows senior support analyst, I am a senior support analyst that uses Windows. I guess there is a difference, lol.

Thanks Havoc!

Welcome to our openSUSE Linux and Welcome to our forum. Here is a link to some basic openSUSE concepts that you might find of use: Concepts - openSUSE

A warm welcome from a fairly fresh fellow-convert!

Welcome aboard! Those Windows habits seem tough but if you’re here you’ve already taken the first step. Give yourself time you’ll see they’re not so tough to break,& we’ll help you break 'em.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!lol!

First habit to break: never reboot unless you’ve updated the kernel :smiley:


> I am not a Windows senior support analyst, I am a senior support analyst that
> uses Windows. I guess there is a difference, lol.

Ok, so what does a Windows[tm] using “senior support analyst” support and/or

Business trends, politics, military buildups, financials, comic strips…WHAT?

And, by “senior” do you mean as in over 65?

But, no matter: Welcome!

Lol- I guess I can elaborate…I’m a support analyst where I work, we support the software that is written by my company. I am a senior analyst because of how long I have been employed at the company. Hope that clears it up.

> I’m a support analyst for my company, we support the software that is written
> by my company.

So, your employer writes and supports software which runs in Windows[tm].

And, you come to Linux for a breath of fresh air?

Good for you. Welcome, the air is very fresh (and free) around here.

I see someone else has pointed you to the “Concepts” read. READ it. Read it
until you understand it, and you will be very far down the breaking bad habits
road. Here are a few other sources for your education which may increase your
pleasure of breathing free:

Linux is not windows.

Admin Guide.


Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition.

The Linux Documentation Project.

(There are hundreds (thousands?) more.)

You mentioned bad habits and someone told you the first one to break is wanton
rebooting hoping for it to magically ‘fix’ your problem. That is a good first
bad habit. A second might be one of these–or some other:

  • Do not jump to an MS-like reinstall hoping for another magic fix to your
    problem (which is probably self caused and best resolved by learning what you
    did wrong (so you don’t do THAT again)).

  • Do not ever log into a Gnome, KDE (or any other windowed session) as
    root/super user. Always log in as a regular user and THEN become root only as
    necessary. See:

It is a long and winding road, with pots of gold all along the way. Soon you
will be a senior support analyst here, also.


Thank you so much for that very helpful reply. That’s one thing that has been consistent with these forums…someone is always willing to point you in the right direction. I will definitely heed your warnings and take your advice. Thanks again for the advice, I truly appreciate it.