NEW OPENSUSE USER and need help

new to opensuse kde /having major problems sorry for grammer:shame:

issue : i cannot watch downloaded movies on brower or install chrome,
,i cannot run software that i installed ,kodi ,steam etc…
i cannot download or serch for software

i have different error popups and here is a few i remeber:

error stopping packagekit
additional multimedia codecs requested
when i tried to run kodi and steam aftar installing they wont open plus few games i bought from steam
my laptop is lighting fast had no issues before until now
laptop info : dell inspiron with i9 intel / 4tb HDD / 32gb ram

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Use YaST - Software - Software repositories - Add - Community repos to add the Packman repo.
Next start the software manager, select the repo view instead of the search, select the Packman repo and click the “Switch system packages …” item on the top right.
Also pick "Install recommends from the top menu.
Hit Accept and let the manager do it’s thing.
Than try again

FWIW: We cannot deal with “an error” of part of an error message, please show entire output, as is, i.e. copy / paste , and put it between CODE tags, the # in the editor layout.

Separate: To install Chrome, you need to download the 64bit rpm from their site to f.e. ~/Downloads. Then do

cd ~/Downloads
sudo zypper in ./google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm
sudo zypper ref

If the command is moaning about keys, choose ignore.

Re Chrome,
As Knurpht recommends,
Use whatever web browser is already installed (Depending on your Desktop, it’ll typically be firefox or falkon, or you can install chromium which is the open source version from what Google creates Chrome), then follow Knurpht’s instructions

Re playing multimedia,
The first step is as others have posted which is to add the Pacman community repo, then follow the directions in the stickies in the Multimedia Forum to actually install the required codecs.
The reason why this has to be done in openSUSE vs other distros is that openSUSE uniquely takes a hard line against distributing anything that doesn’t have a completely free and open license to use and distribute. Many of the most common codecs you want and need have at least partially restrictive licensing which might allow you to use for private use on a limited number of personal devices but requires licensing fees for other use (like encoding and distributing for use by many others).

Re packagekit,
Yeah, when you first boot packagekit will run and refuse to stop.
Best to just let it run to completion in 5-10 minutes, do something else while that’s happening.
Or, you can configure packagekit to simply not run on boot (search how to disable or post here again), then you can manually run your updating any time you wish with the following command (because this is Tumbleweed)

zypper dup

Although not a detailed guide for openSUSE newbies, the slide deck for a presentation I gave recently at a local Linux UG describes this and many other things you may want to know and do as first steps