New OpenSUSE install + opensuse-community .ymp = No multimedia in Totem

Fresh install = No multimedia in Totem

Totem says it needs MPEG-4 AAC decoder and H.264 decoder when i try to play flv and for 3g2 i get an error too. These are the only types i have to try with Totem but it used to play both of these types perfectly fine before i had to reinstall.

I installed the .ymp single-click install from ( is broken but that’s only libdvdcss i think)

and i installed VLC… VLC can play multimedia fine, Totem can only play audio mp3’s.

Please read the sticky on Restricted Media formats.

What sticky?

i believe i already have but i just want to make sure

Dingleb wrote:
> What sticky?

if you go to the root page of this forum, and look to the very top of
the list you see a sticky named “Welcome to multimedia sub-area”


Ok, i reinstalled fresh for the 8th time in the past 24 hours, just so i can follow these instructions to the dot, since the method failed miserably.

> Ok, i reinstalled fresh for the 8th time in the past 24 hours

what method did you follow there?
and what went wrong, when…what kind of errors were thrown?

oh, by the way: most folks here throw rocks at Totem and use VLC
instead…the VLC from packman if i recall correctly…(use the sites
advanced search to make sure…)

and, by the way not all, but most problems with this operating system
can be solved easier than reinstalling…

AND, if you reinstall while keeping your /home directory, and using
the same user name, and answering yes when it askes to keep the same
user etc…then, if the problem is in your /home, you will be right
back where you started (broken) before you can get going again…

you might save some time by reading
and everything in the New User How-To FAQ

patience will help…