New nVidia drivers

Along with releasing the 12.1 versions of the nVidia drivers, they updated the 11.4 versions to 285.05.09.

Haven’t tried them yet - waiting for the CUDA queue to empty.

I’m running 12.1. I played with compiling the drivers at one time (besides the Flash-crash bug everything worked as it should).
Now I recently reinstalled release version of 12.1 and now tried the repo-version of the driver. Same thing as the repo-driver on 11.4. No Xorg.conf to save my settings too. Why did it work with a self compiled driver and not this one?

Happy to tell that Flash and this driver has no issues anymore

My X Server Display Configuration (I use a external screen) was saved by opening “nvidia-settings” as SU and saving to a renamed copy of xorg.conf.install (renaming to xorg.conf) existing in /etc/X11/ (I did not merge).