New Nvidia driver - whuch one to use?

I see that the Nvidia driver repo at:

has been updated. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 card. Should I use the G04 or G05 series?

Many thanks



2018-10-12 -

  • let nvidia-glG05 %post-require xorg-x11-server, since on
    Optimus we want to switch back to X.Org’s (bsc#1111471) 2018-10-12 -
  • Update to UDA release 410.66
  • Added a USB-C connector type identifier, such that a display connected
    using the USB-C connector that was previously reported as e.g. DP-5 will
    now be USB-C-0. Scripts and configuration files that use the DP identifier
    for this connector will be affected.
  • Added support for the following GPU:
  • let nvidia-glG05 recommend the following packages:
  • Mesa-libGL1
  • Mesa-libEGL1
  • Mesa-libGLESv1_CM1
  • Mesa-libGLESv2-2
    This is needed for Optimus systems once NVIDIA’s GL libs get disabled
    (our default); these packages won’t get installed when adding NVIDIA’s
    repository before the installation, which e.g. happens on SLED
    (bsc#1111471) 2018-09-25 -
  • created package

I also have a 1050 on LEAP 42.3 G04. It was a pain to upgrade the driver as I previously had G03 for the older GFX 650 installed.
I don’t see anything worth upgrading for in the changelog, unless you’re on optimus or want to connect an USB-C monitor. Do you?
Since mine is a desktop with only displayport and hdmi, I think I’ll stay with G04.

Many thanks for posting.

I have upgraded to the G05 series and can’t see any change.