New motherboard install crashes

Installing XFCE from a USB stick that was successful with another motherboard. At the configuration screen I click on “disable firewall” and the installation stops with a red notice telling me “An error occurred during the installation.” The mouse doesn’t respond and the only choice is “OK” which responds to the <ENTER> key and returns me to the start all over again. I would expect some kind of error reporting or at least access to an installation log file, but nothing shows. Not very helpful.

I plan on restarting the somewhat slow process and allowing the firewall, but an indication of the error would be much more helpful.


SOLVED - Bad motherboard even though it’s new. Well bought two months ago and never used. With integrated CPU and fan, so only the memory is usable.

Sometime during an installation, key in Ctrl-Alt-F2. That will produce a shell prompt. From there, Alt-Fn, except for Alt-F7, will produce either another shell prompt, or various logging. Alt-F7 returns to YaST.