New Monitor Not Supported?

I have 3 PCs on a KVM switch, two are for Win boxes and third on OpenSuse. I recently changed monitors from a Viewsonic to Acer LCD screen. The Windows PCs came up OK with no problems. Now when I switch to Linux I get a “Input Not Supported” display on screen and this would be coming from the monitor and not Linux. Any thoughts on how to get the Linux up and displaying again. Currently I have 10.2 running and ready to install 11.0.
Thank you

I brought the old Viewsonic monitor back up from the basement and logged into Linux box. Tried to change the monitor. I have the Acer AL1951 and it is not on the list. Tried to use Acer supplied CD and get error message that is a problem reading CD. Logged into Acer support and there are No Linux drivers for Acer AL1951. Does anyone know an Acer model that is on the list that I could use as the AL1951. There must be a solution.
Thank you

Run YaST under Hardware select Graphics Card and Monitor. Click Change next to the Monitor select -->LCD look for 1280 x 1024@60HZ that should do it.

Your suggestion worked great. Thank you

I got the same or similar response on 3 different monitors. I finally noticed at the bottom of the initial installation screen is a F3 button that allows you to lower the resolution before you continue the install.

Just lower it till your monitor is happy.

Each monitor comes with a disk these days. In sax2 it says Monitor disk. Insert the disk that came with yours and sax2 will read the necessary info from the disk.

If your getting the error as mentioned in the original note “Input Not Supported” you will not be able to use Sax2 let alone see anything on your screen except “Input Not Supported”. But, during the initial splash screen when booting from the SLES disk near the bottom of the screen is a F3 option to lower the video resolution output.