New Memebers Intoduction Thread

Greetings all…

Very excited to be making my first post here on the openSuse forum… been using GNU/Linux on and off for a few years now, mostly getting stuck on Ubuntu after a lot of distro hopping but currently running openSuse 11.3 Gnome on my desktop and got to say it has been a very pleasant experience thus far.

I am very excited to be joining the community in the beginnings of what sounds like a Renaissance for openSuse Community and I will in time hopefully be able to participate in a meaningful way.


PS - I couldn’t find a thread for new members to start off in so I decided to name the thread as I did… now it should just get stickied :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the openSUSE forums nlsthzn. I am not a mod, but surely this will be an OK location for your chit-chat with us. So we don’t know much about you but we want only a few things from new users.

  1. Ask any Linux question you want and we will do the best to help.
  2. If you see someone in need and think you can help, jump right in.
  3. Be kind to others as you wish to be treated yourself. Consider some of us can get grumpy from time to time and may even have had a couple of drinks too many.
  4. Ignore really stupid stuff that is said. I can’t see how responding to such stuff ever helps. That does not include anything that I might say, you poor soul.
  5. Never forget why you are here. To have fun using the best Linux Distro in the World, openSUSE!

Thank You,

Greetings, and glad you are enjoying the 11.3 experience. :slight_smile:

Hi nlsthzn,

Welcome to openSUSE.

Wow! Can you tell me how are we suppose ton pronounce you pseudo??? :stuck_out_tongue:

@ jdmcdaniel3, consused & DaaX -> Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

Oh, and I guess if it will help in future just add some vowels to my handle… and you will get neil oosthuizen… I know, the surname might be even harder to pronounce :stuck_out_tongue:


@ jdmcdaniel3, consused & DaaX -> Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

Oh, and I guess if it will help in future just add some vowels to my handle… and you will get neil oosthuizen… I know, the surname might be even harder to pronounce :stuck_out_tongue:

That is pretty cleaver there Neil. I was hoping to determine how to pronounce nlsthzn, but you have taken off of the suspense out. lol!

Hi Neil welcome to the forum. As jdmcdaniel3 said you are now using the best distro in the world! :slight_smile:

We look forward to your contributions. Nice to hear your positive comments.

@jdmcdaniel3, ah7013 and caf4926:

Thanks for welcome guys, I look forward to learning a lot and hopefully getting to participate actively in the community.


Greetings! Another Linux -> openSUSE migrator!

Those are some of the best types because you already have an understanding of Linux and just need to learn the nuances of openSUSE!

Can I ask, what brought you to openSUSE? I’m not trying to start a distro-flamewar, just curious what brought you to these shores?

Hi dragonbite…

Some background on me:

I recognize you from the Ubuntu forum where you are also very active… I heard and saw Linux in action the first time in 1997 at Varsity when a guy there brought a 386 to the dorm but it was fully functional however he wasn’t using DOS or Windows… he had about 20 floppies of something called Linux (can’t remember which distro, as at that time I didn’t even know what a distro was)… skip about a year or two and I installed my first distro, it had been a whopping 80mb download of Peanut Linux, got gnome working on it after a big battle, even got on the internet with it… loved it, then left it…

So I have been installing, looking, getting annoyed with and removing distro’s as I got my hands on them over the last couple of years. Then I got to the UAE beginning of 2009, broadband for the first time and there was nothing stopping me to really start downloading and installing and playing seriously… distro hopping had begun! One of the first distro’s that really caught my attention and which I had really enjoyed initially had been openSuse, but then I got a bit zealous with FOSS and shunned Novell for the deal they made with MS and of course I couldn’t use openSuse now… silly bugger I was!

All of my distro hopping always led me back to Ubuntu, and as such this is the distro I have the most idea in what is happening (even though it is very sketchy) then a couple of days ago I made this thread in the Ubuntu forums… Negativity towards Ubuntu growing exponentially, and one of the mods pointed out to me that “It is only an operating system” which got me thinking, he was right… so I dropped all of my pretenses and notions of righteousness in regards to Linux and decided to try out the one distro I was sad to give up, openSuse…

And so here I am … sorry for the long read but a shorter version would not have done the explanation justice :slight_smile:


I guess I’m busted, eh? rotfl!

I just read through the thread and, except for the WINE detour, was interesting. I agree with you about the growing negativity towards Ubuntu, and how it is more than just the OS. Be interested whether their stance would change when using that as a counter to those anti-openSUSE because of the Novell & MS deal :sarcastic:

Glad to see you “going green” again! Hope to hear comparisons and understandings on the “openSUSE” way, compared to other distros (that’s one of my current missions).

I’m going to be installing KDE myself tonight. I have used openSUSE in the past, but never really gave it a fair shake. I’ve been using ubuntu for a long time now and I really want to get into the openSUSE way of doing things. All I can do is know that I’m not going to quit because it’s not like ubuntu. So far as I’m concerned, and as much as I enjoy ubuntu, not being like ubuntu can be a very positive thing.

No it won’t.

Welkom hier, meneer Oosthuizen !!!

@procdev: A warm welcome to you too.

Cool… I think you will find that the switch to a new distro and a new DE might be a bit overwhelming (I did)… but good luck with your endeavour and between the forum and the IRC help channels you should get all the backing you need (I have thus far) :slight_smile:

Hmmm… now I am not sure, you could be afrikaans or possibly dutch… either way, “Baie dankie, bly om hier te wees en om jou te “ontmoet” het.” :smiley:
(edit, just saw the Netherlands… well a big shout out from an ex-pat from South Africa currently living/working in the UAE)


I think this is the time/place as ever to re-introduce myself as well :D. I too have been around Linux for years as well. Boy do I remember my days of “Distro-Hopping.” Even as a younger guy noticing “Lindspire/Lindows.” was ridiculous, and Ubuntu being a little too easy. I immediately fell in love with Linux as a whole with Suse 9.1 Personal. And boy on my custom desktop were there a LOT of conflicts and issues. But somehow that made it even more fun and excited for a little teenage nerd.

The last few years I’ve been comfortable on my OSX box. I love my MacBook and will defend their OS to the death. Don’t want to open up that can of worms, but I too have issues with the company and prices hah. Now that I have a little free time and a shiny new 500GB internal, I’m back baby. I just downloaded my copy of openSUSE last night. I have the day off, the fiance is at work…I almost feel like I’m cheating haha.

I’ve posted a couple times already, inquiring about a new media server I am also building. But I am sure to post a lot more and help out others, as soon as I get back into the swing of things. The one thing I remember and always will is the community behind Linux. It’s honestly like no other, everyone wants to help everyone. Not just fix things, but to develop and grow. Not sure how anyone couldn’t be proud of that!

See ya around guys :smiley: