New Mail Sound Notification not working in TB 7


I downloaded Thunderbird from here Mozilla Thunderbird

Problem is new mail sound notifications is not working. I have tried many wav files but same issue.

Why not just install it from the standard repos?

Are you using it yourself ? Is the sound notification working ?

I like bleeding edge :wink:


I just started using evolution. The sound alert is working fine.

Sorry, I was asleep for a while (India rises earlier then we do :wink: )

I am not using it myself, but I wondered why you try to install in a difiicult way where it is so easy. And of course, doing it the openSUSE way from the standard repo is a first test to see if it all works. You then will know that using some other source is making the difference. And that is of course the result of using bleeding edge (same as living dangerous :wink: ). And then you could go and look for the differences between the two installs (different places on the system, etc, etc.).

But I see you have it running to satisfaction. Congratulations.